DNRD Awards Academic Scholarships to 125 Employees

As part of its total commitment to help and support its employees in developing their skills and enhancing qualifications, Dubai Naturalisation and Residency Department (DNRD) has provided academic scholarships to a total of 125 employees. The employees who received scholarships came from various departments with different specialisations, including Quality Management, International Business, Law, Human Resources and various types of Business Administration. The Students’ Affairs Committee of DNRD, which oversees the scholarships affairs, is comprised of members from the HR, Finance and Administration departments, and headed by Colonel Eid Al Falasi, Assistant Director for Finance and Administration Affairs. The members of the committee evaluate the submitted applications and approve them based on the requirements of the job. They also monitor the academic progress of the employees and support them in pursuing higher education. Major-General Mohammad Ahmad Al Marri, Director of DNRD, said that a total of 16 employees were currently studying for Masters Degrees and two were pursuing Doctorate Degrees. While some of them are studying within the UAE, others are studying abroad. He added that 95 employees were expected to graduate during the next four years. Major-General Al Marri added, “DNRD pays great attention to the academic qualifications of its employees and provides all possible support to them in this regard. This progressive strategy is in tandem with the government’s policies and interests in offering everything to its employees that might play an important role in developing its human resources, by either sending them to study abroad or providing them with specialized training within the country.” According to Colonel Eid Al Falasi, “These scholarships offered to DNRD employees, irrespective of their gender, are part of the many career incentives awarded to the employees to help them enhance their skills and acquire expertise in their respective fields. DNRD has also set certain conditions for awarding these scholarships, including the department’s need for staff with specialized academic qualifications, as monitored by the Students’ Affairs Committee.”
DNRD Awards Academic Scholarships
to 125 Employees
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