DNRD launches M-visa Offers 90% e-servicing by end of 2009

DUBAI, 18 February 2009: In an effort to communicate efficiently with its customers everywhere, Dubai Naturalization and Residency Department (DNRD) introduced this week a new e-service that makes best use of the new technologies available to everyone in the UAE and the world. Visitors, residents and guests residing here and abroad will receive instant notifications via email and text messages upon issuance of their entry permits or visas of all types through Mobile Visa (M-visa). Major-General Mohammed Ahmed Al Marri, Director-General of DNRD, said that this pioneering approach will make the services of the Department available to everyone living in the UAE and abroad. Al Marri hoped that the online services would be helpful for individuals with special needs as they will reduce to minimum the number of visits required to DNRD offices. Col. Lt. Khaled Al Rozooki, Assistant Director of DNRD for IT Sector, said: “We have managed to turn 60% of our services to online offerings and we are hoping to achieve 90% turn around by end of 2009. The M-visa service is set to provide fast and best quality services to customers via web connection and mobile phones.” First Lieutenant Khalid Bin Madea Al Falasi, Manager of Electronic Projects Department at DNRD explained that as customers apply for their entry permits either by visiting DNRD offices or using online applications at www.eform.ae, they will be requested to make the necessary payments to enable them to receive their visa via email or text message. When their visa is issued, customers will be notified through an email message, which will include an original e-visa document, bearing the DNRD logo and signature of the director. The PDF file will be secure to prevent any tampering with the details of the visitor. Customers will also receive an SMS notification containing the same barcode printed on the original visa document in a 2D format, as well as key information about the visitor and the sponsor. The UAE-based sponsor will receive the notification at the same time. SMS messages can be forwarded to any destination around the world. Upon arrival at any of the entry points, the barcode scanner installed at the DNRD checkpoints will read the details of the entry permit directly from the mobile device of the visitor. UAE visitors will also be able to track online their applications again and request e-mails and text messages to be resent according to their convenience. Al Rozooki confirmed that DNRD is on schedule with the transition from conventional to electronic or online services. The Department is also enhancing its e-links with the various governmental authorities in Dubai and the UAE to facilitate further and reduce the time needed for completion of the different transactions, as well as exchange data online.
DNRD launches M-visa 
Offers 90% e-servicing by end of 2009
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