October 1971

Pursuant to an order promulgated by the Late H.H. Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, the following two departments were established:

  1. Central Immigration Department, headed by Colonel Rashed Al-Matrooshi

  2. Ports and Borders Department, headed by Colonel Seif Al-Ashram

October 1972

The two Departments mentioned above were joined to the Ministry of Interior, and Federal Law no. (17) was promulgated to regulate naturalization and passports.

  1. The Offices of Central Immigration Department were situated at Deira, Corniche Road in the Al-Mulla building.

  2. The two departments consisted of two offices for public transactions and a flat on the mezzanine floor for filing.

  3. The Department staff received their first salaries from Ministry of Interior


Federal Law no. (6) concerning Immigration and Residency was promulgated as the first law regulating the entry and residency of expatriates in the United Arab Emirates. The Central Administration became the authority in charge of implementation of naturalization, residency, passports, entry and residency permits in UAE.

The Administration shifted to a 3-room office near the Clock Tower, consisting of the following:

Two buildings with a boundary wall were later built for:

  1. A room for the Administration

  2. A room for Control Section (Monitoring and Investigation)

  3. A room for the Entry Permits and Residency Sections.

  4. Residency transactions

  5. Entry Permits transactions


The two departments were integrated, and the resulting new Department shifted to a building in the ministries compound.


The Administration shifted to the current building during the tenure of Colonel Mohammad Al-Gaith


The building was completely refurbished during the tenure of Brigadier General Saeed Bin Bleila


Directors of Naturalization and Residency Administration, Dubai:















  1. Colonel Rashid Al-Matrooshi-1971
  2. Colonel Seif Al-Ashram-1971
  3. Colonel Mohammad Al-Gaith-1978
  4. Major General Saeed Al-Kamda-1983
  5. Major General Juma’a Aman-1992
  6. Colonel Saeed Bin Bleila-1996
  7. Brigadier General Mohamad Al-Marri-2006



Department of Naturalization and Passports

For family registration cards and passports issued to citizens of United Arab Emirates, as well as other transactions.

Department of Entry Permits

Issues residency, visit and work permits to workers and domestic helpers.

Department of Monitoring and Investigation

Has a major role in monitoring applications for adjustment of status, reports about absconders and violators of Residency and Naturalization law, payment of fees, and other procedures.

Department of Administrative and Financial Affairs

Is involved in the management of human and financial resources, issuing of establishment cards to various companies, establishments and public relations officers in addition to collection of revenues and fees as well as audit of accounts and other functions.

Department of Information Technology

This Department is responsible for the development of software necessary for the smooth and quick progress of work, upgrading of software in line with fast pace of change in information technology, and provision of equipment and software to various sections.


Department of Airports and Land Border Points

Dubai International Airport

The Airport processes passengers entries and departures and also issues business (transit) and visit visas. It thus plays a major role in promoting both commercial and tourist activities of the United Arab Emirates in general and of Dubai in particular.

Hatta Border Point

In 1999, the Naturalization and Residency Administration, Dubai, established a branch at Hatta Fort to facilitate procedures for UAE citizens as well as for other passengers and tourists crossing land borders. In cooperation with Hatta Fort Hotel, the Branch handles all procedures of passengers’ entries and departures as well as other transactions involving UAE citizens.


Department of Seaports

Port Rashid

The Port accommodates a large numbers of tourists and passengers through two sea lines linking Port Rashid to Bandar Abbas and Bandar Linka Ports in Iran, as well as to Umm Qasr Port in Iraq. Port Rashid also accommodates large shipping vessels, known as container ships, in addition to large-sized cattle vessels. The port also has a special pier for naval ships.

Shindagha Port

Shindagha Port is a crossing point for security checks conducted on sailors aboard wooden dhows, and also handles loading and unloading of cargo. Shindagha Port Passports Section issues debarkation permits for sailors and holds their cards until their departure from the Creek.

Hamriya Port

This Port accommodates all sizes of wooden dhows and medium-size vessels, and is considered one of the country’s vital navigation hubs, linking UAE to neighboring countries such as Iran, Pakistani, India, Somalia and GCC countries. It is a busy port actively contributing a significant part to UAE revenues.

Jebel Ali Port

It was inaugurated in 1995 to issue various kinds of visit, employment and residence permits (new and renewed residence permits), cancel and extend validity of visit visas, process reports about absconders, issue and renew cards of public relations officers online, which is a characteristic activity of this Port.

Dubai Drydocks

Its large docks accommodate all sizes of ships for repair at request. Debarkation permits are issued to sailors for one week only and can be extended for a further period.

Offsite Centers

  1. Abu Hail Center
  2. Bin Suqat Center
  3. Al-Dewan Center
  4. DNATA Center
  5. Emirates Airlines Office Center
  6. DNATA Aviation Center
  7. Hyatt Regency Center
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