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Bringing your family to Dubai

A Dubai resident can bring his or her family to live in Dubai. A monthly salary of at least AED 10,000.00 is required. An entry permit must be obtained to enable the family to enter Dubai. Once they have arrived, the residence permit must be stamped in their passports within 30 days. Detailed information is available in the residents services section of this site.

Cost of living in Dubai

The best way of getting an idea of the cost of living in Dubai is perhaps by comparison. Below we compare it to two representative cities, one in the West, and another to the East of Dubai.

In general, life is about 20% less costly in Dubai than in a city in an advanced economy, such as London:

  • 19,487.63AED (5,305.50$) in Dubai will give you a lifestyle similar to what 4,500.00£ (6,429.49$) would afford in London (if you rent accommodation in both cities)
  • Consumer Prices: 24.65% lower in Dubai
  • Consumer Prices Including Rent: 17.48% lower in Dubai
  • Rent: 8.87% lower in Dubai
  • Restaurant Prices: 36.26% lower in Dubai
  • Groceries Prices in Dubai are 15.18% lower than in London
  • Local Purchasing Power in Dubai is 35.70% higher than in London


It's costlier than a city in an emerging economy, say Mumbai:

  • A lifestyle afforded by an income of INR 120,000 in Mumbai would cost more than three times as much in Dubai: AED 20,245.32 or INR 374,003.97. Some indices:
  • Consumer Prices: 148.30% higher than in Mumbai
  • Consumer Prices Including
  • Rent: 211.67% higher than in Mumbai Rents: 317.41% higher than in Mumbai
  • Restaurant Prices: 218.75% higher than in Mumbai
  • Groceries: 104.33% higher than in Mumbai
  • Local Purchasing Power: 54.08% higher than in Mumbai

Family time in Dubai

Almost free of crime, Dubai offers a safe, peaceful environment to live with your family and bring up your children. There are exceptional educational and medical facilities. The multicultural environment fosters an open-minded and progressive attitude. Leisure opportunities are unmatched, with year-round ski slopes, water theme parks, aquaria and other attractions.

* Disclaimer: Comparison figures indicative only, and readers are advised to make their own inquiries before making any decisions

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