Important Numbers

In an Emergency

Here are some telephone numbers you can use for an emergency while in Dubai:

  1. Police 999
  2. Fire Department 997
  3. Ambulance 999

Use the following numbers to complain about criminal activity or if someone is harassing you:

  1. 800-7283 Hotline to complain about human trafficking
  2. 800-4438 Tourist Security Department of Dubai Police
  3. 04-2881226 Criminal Pursuit Department of Dubai Police
  4. 04-2660929 Wanted Persons Department of Dubai Police
  5. 800-8989 Victim Support Programme of Dubai Police

To enquire about visa and related matters:

  1. 8005111 Amer Service, General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs-Dubai Hotline)

To inform Dubai Police of violation of the law (Criminal, Traffic, Administrative, Financial, etc.).
Report Crime Service

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