Life in Dubai

Dubai: The world in Microcosm

People from around the world find Dubai a veritable paradise to live and work. And why not? With its brilliant weather, liberal tax-free regime, and cosmopolitan atmosphere, it is a magnet for ambitious and talented people everywhere.

It is the world in microcosm. Almost all cultural and ethnic milieus are present - over 200 nationalities in the emirate make it a unique and inspiring place to be. It is a young city too, with over 60% of its people between 20 and 40. Full of life and optimism, the energy of Dubai is infectious, and no-one who comes to Dubai is immune to it.

Situated as it in the center of East and West, Dubai has global experiences to offer its residents. In cultural events and cuisine, business and working life, and even in daily life, a Dubai resident can encounter almost any culture in the world.

Politically stable, and relatively crime-free, Dubai is among the safest places in the world. World-class healthcare, education, and infrastructure go a long way to ensuring that people here are among the happiest in the world. A survey by the Community Development Authority found that Dubai residents scored high on a happiness scale. Emiratis averaged 8.3 on the scale, and western expatriates 8.0; Arab expatriates followed with 7.9. Not far behind were Asian expatriates at 7.8. Ninety-three per cent of the populace felt safe: 96% among Emiratis and 89 per cent of expatriates .

Dubai's strategic location means that it is at the most eight hours by air from most of the world's important centres. It is a unique place from which to explore the rest of the world.

All this makes for great opportunities. Dubai’s geographic advantage has made it a hub for travel, tourism, and commerce and industry. Many global enterprises have their regional headquarters here attracting many kinds of professionals and experts, and creating employment and opportunities.

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