New E-service Connects DNRD and MoL Systems to Facilitate Visa Cancellation Procedures

The strategic partnership between the Dubai Naturalization and Residency Department (DNRD) and the Ministry of Labour (MoL) was upgraded today with the announcement of the latest data interchange system linking electronically both government entities. The two will be exchanging data electronically to facilitate the procedures of cancelling Labour Permits and Cards that are issued in Dubai, a step aimed to save time for the public through a secure and accurate flow of records. Prior to its official launch, the project was tested for one month to iron out the technical difficulties and ensure smooth and secure online transfer of information. “This unique system is applied in Dubai only and forms the second phase of the electronic connection system between the Ministry and DNRD that is set to reduce the time and effort for the companies based in Dubai and their employees in general,” said Humaid Rashid Bin Dimas, Acting Undersecretary of Ministry of Labour. Bin Dimas added that the new electronic service is an upgrade of the existing system offered by the Ministry of Labour and allows companies to complete the cancellation process from their offices as opposed to the previous system which required a number of visits to both DNRD and MoL offices. The new online system is available 24/7 and will reduce the time needed to complete the procedures as there is less paperwork and fewer employees involved from both ends. He also said that the service is currently on offer for Dubai-based companies that employ 50 staff and above and who already have an e-signature card registered with the ministry. Other companies with less than 50 employees on their staff will still have to refer to the ministry for the time being. According to Major General Al Marri, Director of DNRD, “We have reached a new level of cooperation with the Ministry of Labour with the launch of this innovative online data exchange system that will facilitate procedures for the customers. The system will also help us reduce considerably the paper work through the various stages of the cancellation process both at DNRD and at the Ministry of Labour. The pilot project was tested with a number of Dubai-based companies and proved to be very successful. We expect this facility to be greatly welcomed by companies and organisation operating in Dubai as it will allow them to complete the procedures online 24/7 from the luxury of their offices.” As part of the old system, company representatives would have to visit the MoL and DNRD offices a few times to get the cancellation done. “This new project will depend on data exchange between Ministry of Labour and DNRD in an efficient and swift manner while adopting the latest technologies that ensure security of information transfer,” said Col. Lt. Khaled Al Rozooki, Assistant Director of DNRD for IT Sector. It will allow the automatic exchange of info relate to the Labour permit data, 90 days mission data, Data of sponsored residents, Inquiry service, and Cancellation and departure data for each person. He explained how the new system works: • The applicant fills the cancellation form and then receives a notification slip in Arabic and English prompting him/her to refer to DNRD to complete the cancellation process. • Data is automatically transferred to DNRD via the online system. • A folder is created on the system at DNRD waiting for the applicant’s visit and penalty fines will be applied from that date onwards. • Applicants cannot leave the country unless the final cancellation procedures are taken and all fines are settled, and they can do that at any DNRD branch or at the time of departure at Dubai International Airport. • Other steps relating to status correction remain unchanged. By taking a step towards adoption of this new sophisticated system, it is ensured that all stored records are safe at all times leaving fewer chances for fraud attempts. It will also help to provide correct statistics of residents who succeeded to cancel their labour cards/permits and those who have not.
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